“be animated”

NITO is an animation App that allows you to engage with your favorite characters and brands like never before.

NITO’s 3D Animation

NITO uses advanced, patent-pending facial tracking technology to bring the power and creativity of top animation studios to you. Use the camera on your phone, tablet or computer to animate a 3D avatar in real-time. Use your own facial expressions, movements and voice to control the character of your choice. Create videos, role-play, and share across social media and messaging. Have fun bringing your own unique gestures to your favorite characters and scenes.

how to use nito

Using NITO is easy and fun. After just 5 seconds of calibration you’ll be in control of your avatar. Select an avatar from the right menu and a background from the left. Your character will mimic your movements, expressions and voice. You can record and share as many videos as you want. Please view the demo video above for specifics.

“be animated on all platforms”

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available on:

iPhone iPad Android Mac OSX coming soon on: Windows 8