Nito lets fans all over the world add 3D avatars and fun animations to messages and social media! Our dynamic face tracking technology, unique creative tools, and a growing cast of characters make it easy to show off your most expressive self.

Featured Apps

Trump Yourself

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is on the tip of everyone's tongues! Now you can choose your side and add your own Trumpified messages - or choose from our QuickFire pre-recorded Trumpisms - to your favorite social media and messaging apps!

Nito Plus

Our flagship app is Nito Plus. This is where all of the best stuff at Nito comes together! We have a vast library of avatars powered by our and state of the art face tracking technology. Nito Plus takes messaging and social media to the next level, empowering users with tools to create custom 3D animations that work with their own social pics.

Once Upon a Zombie

OUAZ 3D brings everyone's favorite zombie princesses to life! Now you can create awesome 3D messages starring Belle, Alice, Cinderella, and other favorites from the Once Upon A Zombie universe! Download today and get zombified!


Niku brings the magic of Nito to China! With special Niku only characters, and comprehensive translation, Niku is bringing the magic of Nito to the Land of Red Dragons!

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